Zero grade

Exercitiul de dimineata - Volodia Popov see:

Exercitiul de dimineata - Volodia Popov

5 B.A.  1:1 Intro LIBER Al

Gandeste pentru tine.

GANDESTE pentru tine …

Gandeste pentru tine insuti , consulta memoria!

De-a lungul erelor omenirea a trecut prin aceasta dimensiune , generatie cu genertie, om cu om…

De-a lungul mileniilor s-au repetat mereu aceleasi istorii , sub acelas Soare… nastere, maturitate, sexualitate,lupte, orori, constructii, reconstructii, suferinte…moarte.

Toate acestea  ca  in decursul unei nopti si al unei zile.

Nimic nu este nou sub Soare!

Gandeste pentru tine.

GANDESTE pentru tine…

Gandeste pentru tine punandu-te in stare de vulnerabilitate …haotic, confuz, liber, dispus pentru a darui si a primi in schimb continuand sa te intrebi:

-Cine sunt?

-De unde vin?

-Si incotro ma indrept … in acest ocean haotic in Univers.

Tot ceeace este sus este si jos, fiecare stea de pe cer este o energie, orice pe acest pamant este o energie…orice om barbat sau femeie este o Stea.

Orice univers este cuprins in alt univers si in toate aceste spatii exista …stele. Universul din afará ta este asemeni celui din interiorul tau  pentru ca totul deriva din UNU si se incheie a fi UNU.

Fiecare din noi este o Stea pentru ca avem in continut o Stea.

Fiecare din noi poate da nastere unei stele insa pentru aceasta e nevoie de o stare incredibil de haotica si de o presiune imensa pentru a o comprima astfel incat…prin explozie sa o determini sa straluceasca.

Gandeste pentru tine.

GANDESTE pentru tine …

Gandeste pentru tine pentru a putea vedea ca puterea ta este nelimitata!

TOTUL este permis daca foloseste sau construieste pentru TINE si semenul tau in acelas timp.

Poti sa faci tot ce doresti insa rau nimanui…nici macar tie insuti!

Aceasta este legea única si justa ce sta in Adevar!

Fiveblueapples 08-08-2010

Dan Izvernariu speech


"Poti face tot ce doresti insa nimanui rau" Aleister Crowley FIVEBLUEAPPLES este un spatiu in care studiem si comentam simbolul esoteric , principiile alchimice a celor 5 mistere si autocunoasterea Sinelui. Bazat pe teorii Jungiene incercam sa refacem dand sens explicativ drumului in Legenda Personala urmand simbolulrile Arcanelor Majore ale Tarotului in sens filosofic desigur. FIVEBLUEAPPLES nu este si nu va fi o organizatie sau religie ; este un spatiu care reuneste persoane cu dorinta cunoasterii , cu puterea personalitatii si cu frumusetea interioara indiferent de crez religios ,sex sau nationalitate. Militam pentru armonie, pentru umanism si liberalism si punem egal fara nici cea mai mica diferenta intre femeie si barbat. Consideram ca sec. XXI este secolul reanvierii spiritualitatii si inceputul unei noi ere a marilor Revelatii. Mottoul nostru este: "Faci tot ce doresti dar nimanui rau!" Adm blog . USA : Gabriel Fischer Adm blog Canada: Nina Russell Adm account Australia : Dan Izvernariu

5 gânduri despre „Zero grade

  1. Personal Moon Data
    Date 26/01 (0 timezone)
    Location Lisboa Portugal Lisbon
    Longitude -9.150210
    Latitude 38.725735
    Moonset 13:41 on preceding day
    Moonrise 01:49
    Moon transit 08:12
    Moonset 14:38
    Moonrise 02:40 on following day

  2. Moon Day 22
    Different traditions completely disagree on how to treat this day. The European tradition takes it as particularly inauspicious, but suggests that those who were born on this day have the potential to become good people. The Vedic tradition considers it auspicious for trips and transport, whilst Globa recommends it as a day to study sciences, and master a specific subject.

    Next Full Moon Date: Friday, February 18, 2011
    Names Given to the Moon by Other Cultures:
    Colonial American: Trapper’s Moon
    Chinese: Budding Moon
    American Indian (Cherokee): Bony Moon
    American Indian (Choctaw): Little Famine Moon
    American Indian (Dakotah Sioux): Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop
    Celtic: Moon of Ice
    English Medieval: Storm Moon
    Neo Pagan: Snow Moon
    Full Snow Moon(February)
    Usually the heaviest snows fall in February. Hunting becomes very difficult, and hence to some Native American tribes this was the Hunger Moon.

    Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.

  3. Moon in Sco

    While others may find security and comfort in material things, Moon in Scorpio people seek out emotional intensity. No matter what, there is something very intense about Lunar Scorpios. They are diggers when it comes to the world of emotion–they can see beyond facades and cut right to the core of a person. This ability to „see” what isn’t obvious to the rest of the world can be intimidating to others or wildly attractive, depending on the audience.
    Their deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth can manifest itself in the lives of Lunar Scorpios in different ways. Most have powerful, emotionally intense lives. Some feel like it is beyond their control – these natives seem to attract emotional upheaval, and their lives appear to consist of plenty of dramatic ups and downs. However, when accepted as an emotional need, rebirth and change doesn’t need to be so dramatic and overwhelming. In some way or the other, Moon in Scorpio natives seek out intense experiences. If their lives are regular in any way, there can be an unconscious need to test their own strength and stir up emotional excitement. Self-awareness and acceptance is probably the best way to handle this deep need for emotional drama.

    Doing things halfway or having meaningless relationships simply doesn’t fulfill them. Lunar Scorpios want all or nothing.

    Moon in Scorpio people often have a strong fear of betrayal. They seek out commitment, and feel the need for a partner to give up something for them. Some will put the people they love through a series of tests, and these are not always conscious. Their apparent suspicion can be trying for the people who love them. However, once committed, Moon in Scorpio people can be the most loyal and protective partners around.

    Even the shy ones have enormous presence. Their lives are emotion-driven, yet many Moon in Scorpio natives spend a lot of time controlling and mastering their emotions. Their intuition is enormous, although it is sometimes self-serving.

    Moon in Scorpio people radiate strength. Even in the absence of experience, they seem to „just know” things. It would be difficult to shock or scare away Lunar Scorpios in the face of emotional honesty and power. Some people instinctively want to lean on them, and other less brave folk run a little scared. Lunar Scorpios have exceptional „radar” that allows them to size up a situation–and a person–quickly and expertly. This ability to understand human motivation and nature can be too close for comfort for some, and enormously comforting for others.

    Many Lunar Scorpios are intelligent and astute. Those that use their enormous powers for intimacy and honesty are the happiest, and they make the most interesting and rewarding friends and lovers.

    Some Famous people with Moon in Scorpio: Ben Affleck, Lauren Bessette (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Scorpio), Bjork, Eminem, Whoopi Goldberg (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Scorpio), Harry Hamlin (Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Scorpio), Elizabeth Hurley, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, David Schwimmer (Sun, Moon, and Venus in Scorpio), Steven Spielberg (Moon and Venus in Scorpio), Patrick Stewart

    From Cafe Astrology .com

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