Dry and Wet – alchemy

„The Dry Way of alchemy employs alchemical ovens and extremely high temperatures. It is but one of a number of different alchemical

methodologies, which also include the Wet or Humid way, the Brief Way and so on. It must be stressed that by alchemy Rubellus meansphysical or laboratory alchemy and not the psychologized alchemy that has become so popular of late. Rubellus’ opinion of this type of Jungian alchemy is fairly low and he repeatedly expresses his opinion that those engaged in such things know nothing of real alchemy.

The Great Alchemical Work is divided into three sections, each being successively slightly less opaque and bewildering, at least to the novice or non-alchemist, than the previous one. The first section is something of an introduction of the alchemical works of Philalethes and Flamel. These two are discussed together as their works are complimentary, with one of their texts often filling in blanks left by the other.”

The Great Alchemical Work of Eirenaeus Philalethes, Nicholas Flamel and Basil Valentine, Rubellus Petrinus. 

review by J. S. Kupperman

„The “wet” path is that of meditation and of induced out-of-body states. The “dry” path is that of asceticism, which seeks to harden the spirit by cleaning it of impurities. In this context, impurities are not sin.

They may also be habits that moralist would call vices, but I gather that some of them might be considered virtues. According to Evola, the initiate, like the strict Buddhist, rids himself of all emotional connections with the material world. In the purified state, he will therefore be able to act, not from desire, but from transcendent necessity.

The dry path apparently also includes the “heroic” methods of initiation, which strike directly at the natural body and turn it immediately into a body of light. Death in battle can do this. So can Kundalini Yoga, a sexual technology about which Evola has written elsewhere. I have never read a discussion of Kundalini Yoga that did not remark that its practitioners have a fair chance of winding up dead or insane. It’s probably one of those things that readers should not try at home.”

The Hermetic Tradition:Symbols & Teachings of the Royal Art

By Julius Evola


"Poti face tot ce doresti insa nimanui rau" Aleister Crowley FIVEBLUEAPPLES este un spatiu in care studiem si comentam simbolul esoteric , principiile alchimice a celor 5 mistere si autocunoasterea Sinelui. Bazat pe teorii Jungiene incercam sa refacem dand sens explicativ drumului in Legenda Personala urmand simbolulrile Arcanelor Majore ale Tarotului in sens filosofic desigur. FIVEBLUEAPPLES nu este si nu va fi o organizatie sau religie ; este un spatiu care reuneste persoane cu dorinta cunoasterii , cu puterea personalitatii si cu frumusetea interioara indiferent de crez religios ,sex sau nationalitate. Militam pentru armonie, pentru umanism si liberalism si punem egal fara nici cea mai mica diferenta intre femeie si barbat. Consideram ca sec. XXI este secolul reanvierii spiritualitatii si inceputul unei noi ere a marilor Revelatii. Mottoul nostru este: "Faci tot ce doresti dar nimanui rau!" Adm blog . USA : Gabriel Fischer Adm blog Canada: Nina Russell Adm account Australia : Dan Izvernariu

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