Promo/The Law Of One: Book I THE RA MATERIAL

By Ra,
An Humble Messenger Of
The Law Of One


Don Elkins: This book is an exact transcript from tape recordings of twentysix
sessions of an experiment designed to communicate with an extraterrestrial
being. We started the experiment in 1962 and refined the process for nineteen
years. In 1981 the experimental results of our efforts changed profoundly in
quality and precision. This book is simply a report of the beginning of this
latter phase of our work.
Since our experimental work began, and even before we officially formed a
research group, there was considerable confusion about the nature of our
research. I would like to state that I consider my point of view to be purely
scientific. Many readers of this material have used as a basis for its
evaluation a previously assumed philosophical bias which has ranged from
what I would call objectively scientific to subjectively theological. It is not
the purpose of our research group to attempt to do anything other than
make experimental data available. Each reader will undoubtedly reach his
own unique conclusion about the meaning of this body of data.
In recent years there has been much controversy about phenomena that
were apparently incompatible with accepted methods of scientific research.
This included such things as UFOs, mental metal-bending, psychic surgery,
and many other seemingly miraculous happenings.

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"Poti face tot ce doresti insa nimanui rau" Aleister Crowley FIVEBLUEAPPLES este un spatiu in care studiem si comentam simbolul esoteric , principiile alchimice a celor 5 mistere si autocunoasterea Sinelui. Bazat pe teorii Jungiene incercam sa refacem dand sens explicativ drumului in Legenda Personala urmand simbolulrile Arcanelor Majore ale Tarotului in sens filosofic desigur. FIVEBLUEAPPLES nu este si nu va fi o organizatie sau religie ; este un spatiu care reuneste persoane cu dorinta cunoasterii , cu puterea personalitatii si cu frumusetea interioara indiferent de crez religios ,sex sau nationalitate. Militam pentru armonie, pentru umanism si liberalism si punem egal fara nici cea mai mica diferenta intre femeie si barbat. Consideram ca sec. XXI este secolul reanvierii spiritualitatii si inceputul unei noi ere a marilor Revelatii. Mottoul nostru este: "Faci tot ce doresti dar nimanui rau!" Adm blog . USA : Gabriel Fischer Adm blog Canada: Nina Russell Adm account Australia : Dan Izvernariu

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