Culture : Michael Maier


Michael Maier was one of the few Renaissance alchemists who actually
revealed genuine spiritual cultivation teachings in his writings.
When you examine the alchemical works of various other alchemical
authors, for a large majority of these works it’s quite doubtful whether
their contents even reflect any true spiritual teachings or any stage of
true spiritual accomplishment at all. In fact, many alchemy texts can be
labeled as just useless flights of fancy which don’t correspond to any
real ranks of spiritual progress. Some are just nonsense – pure spiritual
Michael Maier’s work Atalanta Fugiens (1617) is a definite exception to
this trend, as it contains proven cultivation (meditation or spiritual
training) teachings that match perfectly with those commonly found in
Eastern cultivation schools.
The Atalanta Fugiens reveals many of the basic cultivation teachings of
the East (found in Hinduism, yoga, Buddhism, Esoteric Buddhism, Zen,
Tantra and Taoism), and itself proves that the same Eastern teachings
have been independently rediscovered in the West … or were
somehow passed to the West and incorporated into its various mystery
Because my personal goal has always been to prove the nondenominationality
of the spiritual path and its common stages of
spiritual accomplishment – including the non-denominational teachings
one must follow to achieve genuine spiritual progress – I once asked
Master Nan Huai-Chin to please interpret the prints of Michael Maier in
order to glean from them their true cultivation content, if any.~

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