AUTUMN EQUINOX North Hemisphere 2012

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danIzvernariu 2012 Theosophy & Esoteric theme
Title: The Way… Autumn Equinox 2012
Te Kunenga ki Puurehuroa
trad maori : (the implantation to infinity)
Esoteric design & more…
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AUTUMN EQUINOX North Hemisphere 2012

FIVEBLUEAPPLES events calendar:

22 September 2012 (6013)

14:49 UTC

„As the Sun’s path crosses the equator we
enter a transformative period in the
Earth’s annual cycle. The onset of the
autumnal season represents the ongoing
unfoldment of the Soul Year wherein a
period of balance or equilibrium takes place
between Soul and form. Libra’s influence
creates an interlude that allows for the
emergence of self-direction and free choice.
Yet, as the sun wanes and darkness increases,
we will be nudged by the energies at play to
turn away from the material in order to focus
intently on the Soul and Spirit.

Autumn also symbolizes the season of
ripening or maturity and the coming of
wisdom. The ancients depicted the sun of the
autumnal equinox with the figure of the
celestial serpent, whose gift was a special
wisdom that projected or extended itself
through all three autumn signs. Libra can be
characterized by wisdom since it concerns
the careful weighing of values and
establishment of balance and harmony. In its
higher aspect, Scorpio is sometimes known
as the “Crowned Serpent,” as it provides us
with the opportunity to transmute our lower
nature and to view life in the light of the
Soul. Scorpio determines how we will use
the knowledge that has been garnered in the
preceding signs. The Dragon of Wisdom or
Draco is connected to Sagittarius and
promotes the wise focus, dedication and
direction of all our energy toward the
perception of the One. Thus, these three
months of autumn represent a unique time to
invoke and promote Wisdom.”

The Esoteric Quarterly

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