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autumn equinox fiveblueapples new sesion 22-09 22:44 UTC adobe pscs 6.1 by danIzvernariu ©2013 ʘ 6014

autumn equinox fiveblueapples new sesion 22-09 22:44 UTC
adobe pscs 6.1 by danIzvernariu ©2013 ʘ 6014

„Before black wather …”


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Ordo Ab Chao!

Ordo Ab Chao FB

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“The reason we are so controlled is not that we don’t have the power to decide our own destiny, it is that we give that power away every minute of our lives. When something happens that we don’t like, we look for someone else to blame. When there is a problem in the world, we say „What are they going to do about it”. At which point they, who have secretly created the problem in the first place, respond to this demand by introducing a ‘solution’ – more centralisation of power and erosion of freedom. If you want to give more powers to the police, security agencies and military, and you want the public to demand you do it, then ensure there is more crime, violence and terrorism, and then it’s a cinch to achieve your aims. Once the people are in fear of being burgled, mugged or bombed, they will demand that you take their freedom away to protect them from what they have been manipulated to fear. The Oklahoma bombing is a classic of this kind, as I detail in ..And The Truth Shall Set You Free. I call this technique problem-reaction-solution.

Create the problem, encourage the reaction „something must be done”, and then offer the solution. It is summed up by the Freemason motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ -order out of chaos. Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order. Your order. The masses are herded and directed by many and varios forms of emotional and mental control. It is the only way it coud be done.”
― David Icke


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Open your eyes!

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©2013 (6014) Layer 112 fivblueapples publications
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Arcadia Project 2013

Photography by: Dan Izvernariu ©Arcadia Sanctuary 2013 NZL Auckland

Photography by: Dan Izvernariu ©Arcadia Sanctuary 2013 NZL Auckland

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” T O L E R A N C E „

Tolerance by danIzvernariu © 2013 (6014) AdobePsCs 6.1

by danIzvernariu © 2013 (6014) AdobePsCs 6.1

every Friday evening oratory about  new vision of life

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Promo FIVEBLUEAPPLES : Tarja „Victim Of Ritual” New Album 2013

Tarja "Victim Of Ritual"  Fiveblueapples Promo


The new single „Victim Of Ritual” from the upcoming album „Colours In The Dark” – OUT JULY 2013! Visit for more info & updates!

Following up on the success of the multi-platinum and gold awarded previous records „My Winterstorm” (2007) and „What Lies Beneath” (2010), Tarja finally returns with her long-awaited new rock album. „Colours In The Dark” will be released on August 23rd, 2013 via earMUSIC, the label which also released „Act I”.

Mixed by Tim Palmer in Austin, Texas (Pearl Jam, U2), the songs on „Colours In The Dark” do not shy away from taking a risk and surprising musical turns, introducing new sounds and new musical atmospheres. Still, they maintain a heaviness that will surely bring a big smile to the hardest of rockers.With its grand orchestra and choir arrangements, Tarja’s next milestone emphasises once again the impressive vocal range of the Finnish artist and shows her artistic growth. With ten brand new songs and over one hour of music, „Colours In The Dark” is definitely going to be one of the brightest moments for rock in 2013.

Tarja will perform the songs from „Colours In The Dark Tour 2013” starting with her forthcoming tour in Europe.


Arcadia Sanctuary – project 2013

Arcadia banner July 2013 by Dan Izvernariu

Arcadia Project 2013 Website:
ARCADIA…… is the ultimate hopes and dreams of humankind.
Its an attempt to create an ideal society that will put a wide gap between the modern Western way of living that destroys nature and the traditional way of living that is more in harmony with nature.
A society that aims to struck a balance with technology, merely using it to enhance the human living conditions and takes responsibility, living in a healthy ecosystem and environment that provides vital goods and services to humans and other organisms by reducing negative human impact on nature.
Our aim is to live without the pride and avarice close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous in an instinctive harmony between human and nature
Is a vision of living peacefully together in harmony with each other and nature in an unspoiled natural wilderness, in a primitive and simple state, but at the same time one of perfect happiness and fulfillment. 


Title: Natura Inconstientului colectiv Photo,paint&photoshop esoteric theme by: danIzvernariu Theosophy,alchemy and masonery theme This picture belong to : FIVEBLUEAPPLES Memphis and are under copy right protect.All rights reserved by Fiveblueapples Publications. Prohibit to reproduce. © 2013 public collection : “LOVE” by (m.:b.:) Dan Izvernariu  fiveblueapples publications © 1996 l.a. ca, us TAG: alchemy,masonry,theosophy,philosophy,religion,spiritual,psihology

Title: Natura Inconstientului colectiv

Photo,paint&photoshop esoteric theme, collage by: danIzvernariu 2013 Jun.
Auckland NZL
This picture belong to : FIVEBLUEAPPLES Memphis and are under copy right protect.All rights reserved by Fiveblueapples Publications. Prohibit to reproduce.
© 2013 public collection : “LOVE” by (m.:b.:) Dan Izvernariu
fiveblueapples publications © 1996 l.a. ca, us
TAG: alchemy,masonry,theosophy,philosophy,religion,spiritual,psichology

Equinoxiul de Toamna 2013 (6014) pentru rubrica : JUST MEMBERS

Geb – NA Perfume

Title: Secret Gardens

Photo,paint&photoshop esoteric theme by: danIzvernariu

Theosophy,alchemy and masonery theme

This picture belong to : FIVEBLUEAPPLES Memphis and are under copy right protect.All rights reserved by Fiveblueapples Publications. Prohibit to reproduce.

© 2013 public collection : “LOVE” by (m.:b.:) Dan Izvernariu

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TAG: alchemy,masonry,theosophy,philosophy,religion,spiritual,psihology

All photo works by: danIzvernariu 2011

 NA Perfume Description
In the beginning of all things life was a placate of nothingness. No sound, no water, nothing but pitch darkness full of the void of scent.

The Pesedjet changed this. From it came the nine Gods and their personifications of all things Elemental.

NA presents the Elemental EARTH * GEB, the primordial God and personification of Earth. the Elemental of touching things above and below and calling the in-between home. Drifts of wind from the Nile over the desert touching briefly upon the Temples and reminding the Kingdom to remain grounded from the elevation that belongs only to the Gods of Egypt.

„For the touch of Earth under my feet, I feel the coldness of the morning. For the touch of the sun on my face, I feel the warmth of the Earth under on my feet. For the stride either forward or still I will fly when I need to or stand still and let the air around me meditate within the Elementals around me but never will I forget that I stand – here – in the place I want to.”

VERY heady scent of Pandanus Flower, Nile root, White Sandalwood, burning embers from the Temple and NA sedimental of wet sand from the edge of the River Nile.

the Elementals are released in 5ml Emerald Green NApothecary bottles only. They are not in Skarab Vial form due to the nature of their elixirs within.Gardens II GARDENS

Info: FIVE BLUE APPLES Publications

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Incepand de ieri 30 Aprile 2013 (6013) am adaugat un nou site blog condus de Nina Russell , L.A. Ca. US, cu acces limitat. Membrii vor primi accesul la aceste pagini via email Nina Russell.
Am convenit acest lucru pentru ca sa nu incomodam activitatea blogului nostru FIVEBLUEAPPLES Publications cu articole si evenimente ce privesc doar membrii si care sunt restrictionate public.

Inplug-in cu publicatia noastra este si Arcadia Project 2013 (vezi link in menu) ; in fapt toate cele trei bloguri sunt in comunicare directa diferenta dintre utilitati fiind data de destinatia lor: public, membrii si grup.

FIVE BLUE APPLES Lodge are doua nivele de prezentare (in limba engleza, doar) astfel:
– instant public cu cheie de intrare just members
– hidden public blog post cu cheie de acces account prin invitatie just members

In acest sens, nu vor mai exista bloguri/post in Fiveblueapples Publications (in acest site blog) cu restrictionare publica.


Rite of Misriam


1—The Aligning of the three lower bodies.2—Aligning with the Causal Body.3—The Method of Alignment.4—Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Alignment.

1&2 Alignment and Vibration.The Chord of the Ego.

It is in the aligning of the three vehicles, the physical, the emotional, and the lower mind body, within the causal periphery, and their stabilising there byan effort of the will, that the real work of the Ego or Higher Self in anyparticular incarnation can be accomplished.

The great thinkers of the race, thetrue exponents of lower mind, are fundamentally those whose three lower bodiesare aligned; that is to say those whose mental body holds the other two incircumspect alignment.

The mental body, then, is in direct communication,unobstructed and free from interference, straight through to the physical brain.When the alignment is fourfold and when the three above-mentioned bodies arealigned with the body of the Higher Self, the causal or egoic body, and heldsteady within its circumference, then the great leaders of the race,—those whoemotionally and intellectually sway mankind, can be seen working; then theinspirational writers and dreamers can bring down their inspirations and dreams;and then the synthetic and abstract thinkers can transfer theirconceptions to the world of form.

It is, right through, a question of anunimpeded channel. Study, therefore, in this connection and when time permits,physical co-ordination; then to physical co-ordination add emotional stability,and you have the two vehicles functioning as one. When the co-ordinationextends to the mental body, the threefold lower man is reaching his apotheosis,and has rung most of the changes in the world of form.Later comes co-ordination perfected with the Higher Self, the channel ofcommunication reaching in line direct,—via an unimpeded funnel, if so I mightexpress it,—to the physical brain consciousness. Heretofore it has only beendirect at rare intervals.

The four lesser brain centres are functioning at highvibration in the man of a highly co-ordinated personality; when the Ego isnearing alignment with the lower bodies, the pineal gland and the pituitary bodyare in process of development; and when they are functioning with correlation(which eventuates by the time the third Initiation is taken), then the third, oralta major centre, intensifies its hitherto gentle vibration.

When the fifthInitiation is taken, the interplay between the three centres is perfected, andthe alignment of the bodies is geometrically rectified; you have then theperfected fivefold superman.For the average man, then, this alignment occurs only at intervals, in momentsof stress, in hours of needed humanitarian effort and in times of intensestaspiration.

Abstraction of a more or less degree has to enter in before the Egotakes continued notice of the personality or lower self. When that abstractioninvolves the emotions, is based in the mentality and contacts the physicalbrain, then alignment is commencing.

Hence the work of meditation, for it tends to abstraction and seeks to awaken toabstract consciousness both the emotions and the mentality.

Alignment and Vibration.

Forget not either that it is largely a question of matter and vibration. Theabstract levels of the mental plane consist of the three higher levels, thefirst being that termed the third subplane.

As I have explained to you before,each subplane has its correlations on the major planes. When, therefore, youhave built into your bodies,—physical, emotional and mental,—matter of the thirdsubplane of each of those planes, then the Higher self commences consciously andever more continuously to function through the aligning Personality. Perhaps wemight reverse the idea and state that it is only when third subplane matter of acertain percentage (which percentage is one of the secrets of Initiation) iscontained in the vehicles, that the Personality as a conscious whole recognisesand obeys that Higher self.

After such a percentage is attained, it is thennecessary to build in matter of the two higher subplanes on the physical andemotional planes; hence the struggle for the aspirant to purify and disciplinethe physical body and to subdue the emotional. Purification and subjugationdescribe the work to be done on the two planes.

This involves the use of lowermind, and the three lower vehicles thus become aligned.The vibrations of the abstract levels can then begin to be felt. You need toremember that they come via the causal body, the vehicle of the Higher Self, andthe average causal body is on the third subplane of the mental plane.

This is apoint not sufficiently recognised. Ponder on it. Real abstract thought becomespossible only when the Personality has, by vibration reciprocal to that of the  Ego, aligned itself sufficiently to form a fairly unimpeded channel.Then at intervals, rare at first but of increasing frequency, will abstractideas begin to filter down, to be followed in due time by flashes of realillumination or intuition from the spiritual Triad or the true threefold Egoitself.

The Chord of the Ego.

When I use the term „reciprocal vibration,” what do I mean? I mean theadaptation of the Personality or Lower Self, to the Ego, or Higher Self, thedominating of the Personality ray by the ray of the Ego and the combining oftheir tones.

I mean the blending of the primary colour of the Higher Self withthe secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved. At first, thereis dissonance and discord, a clashing of the colours, and a fight between theHigher and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with the aid of the Master, harmony of colour and tone is produced (a synonymous matter), untileventually you will have the basic note of matter, the major third of thealigned Personality, the dominant fifth of the Ego, followed by the full chordof the Monad or Spirit.It is the dominant we seek at adeptship, and earlier the perfected third of thePersonality.

During our various incarnations we strike and ring the changes onall the intervening notes, and sometimes our lives are major and sometimesminor, but always they tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time,each note fits into its chord, the chord of the Spirit; each chord forms part ofa phrase, the phrase or group to which the chord belongs; and the phrase goes tothe completion of one seventh of the whole.

The entire seven sections, then,complete the sonata of this solar system,—a part of the threefold masterpiece ofthe Logos or God, the Master-Musician